Define the key word, which is sexual harassment-

Define the key word, which is sexual harassment-

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Essay Plan: 


Banking is more high profile and therefore generally people want to go up the ladder. 
Can show statistics showing its increasingly problematic
Why it’s a problem and needs to be addressed immediately using ethical theories

Body 1

-Define the key word, which is sexual harassment- 
-Why does it still happen
-generally people want to go up the ladder.
- anology to ‘casting couch’ people are more accepting of bad behaviour and can tolderate it if it gives them a promotion 
- the two sides of sexual harassment: why people tolerate it and why do people do it 
-elaborate on the statistics to show how important situation is 
-mention 1 case study to demonstrate the problems, within the banking industry
-(briefly) explain consequences of sexual harrassments 

Theories (explain don’t apply)

Utilitiarianism – for its in favor if it’s a group of people as presumeably for them its happiness and therefore brings happiness to the most number of people
FREE WILL- everyone has the right to do what they want
(Veil of ignorance )– 

HUMAN RIGHTS- look up factual info of the UN- humans have certain basic rights that are not to be violated and by harassing someone you are intruding their basic human rights 
Virtue ethics – against as it doesn’t make you a virtuous person according to what virtue ?
Shareholders perspective – against could effect stock prices due to bade reputation

Weigh up theories 
Overall its bad based on theories…..
Need to critique 
Although it is important to be happy and stress on personal happiness, it must not come to the cost of others 
Apply theories and talk about consequences 
Other theories include: golden rule—situation ethics, 
Since weaknesses outweight strengths… it is bad

It is bad
New companies are coming up with stricer policies and hope it continues and gives equality to staff

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