Define access to healthcare and how it may be meas

Define access to healthcare and how it may be measured?

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Healthcare Coursework


1. Define access to healthcare and how it may be measured? From your readings, and in your opinion, is having access and utilizing healthcare services a right or a privilege? Explain your position. 2. Why does the lack of access to healthcare equate to just not having health insurance, or are there other factors? 3. Why the shift from inpatient services, to outpatient services? What are the drivers of ambulatory health services in medical care and surgical care, i.e., the ambulatory surgery centers (ASC)? How has technology and research affected the growth of ambulatory care?

HealthcareStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:HealthcareAccess to healthcare is defined as the ease with which someone could get the required medical services. It is also understood as the timely utilization of personal health services in order to attain optimal health outcomes (Johnson & Borgos, 2012). Access to healthcare is measured through: (i) evaluating the availability and if there is sufficient supply of services. (ii) Measured in terms of usage and this depends on acceptability of the services, affordability and physical accessibility taking into account cultural, social or financial barriers. If the population is to have access to adequate health outcomes, then it is imperative that the health care services be both relevant and effective. Having access and utilizing healthcare services is a right. This is primarily because people have the right to the highest possible standard of mental as well as physi...
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