Critiquing a health promotion activity

Critiquing a health promotion activity

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This paper deals with health promotion activity and critique in which you have to discuss the following aspects in detail:

  • Discussion about the HPA in relevance with pharmacy practice
  • Critical evaluation of the information presented based on evidence
  • Critical analysis of the design in accordance with readability and layout
  • Presentation in the pattern of an essay along with pertinent referencing


Critiquing  a health promotion activity

For this assignment you are expected to look out for a health promotion activity and critique it in relation to the information contained within and the way in which it is presented, This is most likely to be a leaflet or poster.

1)      Explanation for the choice of Health promotion activity (HPA) (discuss the relevance of the HPA for pharmacy practice)

2)      description of the HPA (describe what it is and what health threat it is trying to minimise)

3)      Crtical analysis the information presented (appraise the accuracy of the information in relation to evidence base)

4)      Critical analysis of the design/layout (appraise how the information is presented in relation to principles of design and readability)

5)      Essay presentation (Academic writing style, breadth of sources, referenceing)

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