Critically evaluate Coloplast’s approach to mana

Critically evaluate Coloplast’s approach to managing innovation and knowledge

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Coloplast Case study


Ques: Critically evaluate Coloplast’s approach to managing innovation and knowledge

Please answer ques 1, 5, 6, 7.thanks!

In order to do this answering 4 of the following questions with reference to theories to support your answers (arguments) will aid your evaluation:

1. How successful (if at all) has Coloplast been in engaging in open innovation?

2. How have senior management attempted to operationalize this?

- What problems (if any) have been encountered and why?

3. What evidence (if any) is there of Coloplast attempting to become ambidextrous?

4. Are the innovation projects in Coloplast complicated, complex or largely conducted within the organisational boundaries?

5. What role has the external environment played in promoting change in Coloplast?

            - Has this helped or hindered the management of innovation and knowledge?

6. Has the organisational restructuring helped or hindered the management of innovation?

7. Has the organisational restructuring, along with acquisitions, the setting up of NEBULA etc. helped or hindered the management of knowledge

 - what evidence is there of  the potential for knowledge sharing, knowledge creation, effective project team working and knowledge hoarding?

8. How well (or otherwise) have the knowledge workers been managed in Coloplast?


The questions at the end of the case study will also help you frame your analysis , but do not answer the ques at the end of case study only answer the ones in here.The questions above are key to your critical evaluation.

REMEMBER THAT YOU FOCUS ON answering 4 OF THESE QUESTIONS (aiming for in- depth analysis )

Structure of the assignment

Total 3000 words

1. Introduction(250 words)   - signposting

i. little bit of coloplast’s background history and organization structure and goals.

ii. How the company has improved on innovation over the years

iii. Your Thesis : e.g  The organizational restructuring of coloplast has been effective in boosting innovation and promoting overall organization growth?

2 Main body (with headed sub-sections)  (2000-2200 words)

This will present your findings based on establishing your answers to the questions above. You may wish to crtically evaluate in-depth (narrowly) and answer these questions in detail if you believe they are the most important issues in terms of your critical evaluation.

3. Conclusion stating your evaluation  (500-750 words)


References are NOT included in the word count


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