Critically evaluate and examine the context in whi

Critically evaluate and examine the context in which evidence-based public health and health promotion practice takes place

The primary theme of the paper is Critically evaluate and examine the context in which evidence-based public health and health promotion practice takes place in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $119 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.



You have one assignment to be completed for this study block comprising Written (Part 1) and Oral (Part 2): 


In preparing this assignment we ask that you hand-in your agreed EBQ on the next to last Tuesday of Term 1 (December13th 2016) on the pro-forma provided.


Part 1 - The Written Component (70% weighting) comprises these 5 items:


* Printed Power-point slides


* An optional Handout for the group


* 300 word Abstract


* Full list of References in the Harvard format.


* Hard copies of each of your 4 selected Journal papers.


 The Written Component (Part 1) is handed in to the collection points in Mary Seacole Building by  9.30am on 14 February 2017 and uploaded onto Blackboard. (It is not necessary to upload the Journal Papers to Blackboard, however they do need to be submitted in hard copy).


Part 2 - The Oral Component takes place over the subsequent few weeks with assessors from the staff team. A list of the schedule of presentations will be published on Blackboard in February.


The assessment mark will be a percentage for the Oral component (weighted at 30%) and a percentage for the Written component (weighted at 70%) which are converted to one grade (100%) for the assessment by SITS.


The focus of your Seminar Paper will usually reflect your professional setting and/or interest in public health and health promotion and will demonstrate your ability to critically evaluate and examine:


  • the context in which evidence-based public health and health promotion practice takes place;
  • the process of systematically reviewing and questioning public health and health promotion practice;
  • ways of finding and accessing the evidence on which to base public health and health promotion practice;
  • integrating quantitative and qualitative evidence;
  • pre-requisites for integrating evidence into practice;
  • the relationship between evidence-based practice and professional roles and responsibilities;
  • good practices in implementing evidence-based practice.


Consequently, in your Seminar Paper you are required to:


  • critically evaluate the wider context in which evidence based practice in public health and health promotion takes place;
  • review an area of your practice or an issue in public health and health promotion of interest to you and identify a problem, preferably located within the behavioural change approach to public health and health promotion;
  • reflect on the problem and develop an appropriate EBP question;
  • identify, search for and locate the type(s) of evidence most suitable to answer your question;
  • critically appraise the evidence found and draw conclusions from this to inform practice;
  • make recommendations about how you might implement your findings and how you evaluate the effectiveness of such implementation.


In Term 1 you are required to prepare your EBQ for the Seminar Paper, with the help of student study groups and guidance and feedback from the tutors. All EBQs need to be submitted for agreement by: December 6th 2016. You will be expected to present verbally, and in written format, ideas and arguments that are rigorous, analytical and critical in approach. A descriptive, general or complacent approach is not useful.


Advice on Seminar Presentations:

We will have a session focusing on aspects of presenting and communicating your findings to the group in Term 2.  Please see the file on Blackboard for help with PowerPoint. All Seminar Papers need to be completed in hard copy as well as uploaded onto Blackboard. The paper format needs to have a front cover hand-in sheet (available in MSB foyer) which shows the following:


Your student number and name

Assessment title- your evidence based question

Course name – MSc in Public Health and Health Promotion

Assessment Block: AB2 – Communication and Evidence

Date of submission – 14 February 2017 by 9.30am.

Word total - 300 word Abstract, plus PowerPoint slides, References, 4 Journal Papers, Optional hand-out.


Please number the pages of your work and put the 300 word abstract on a separate sheet at the beginning of the PowerPoint paper and your Reference List (in Harvard format) as a word document at the end of the paper.

Seminar Paper Marking Criteria.


Students are assessed on the following criteria:

      Ability to construct an EBP question with PICO elements

      Presentation of a context and rationale for the EBP question

      Ability to demonstrate comprehensive inclusion and exclusion criteria

      Effective choice of databases and evidence of a capable literature search

      Evidence of sound critiquing of selected papers  using a CASP tool, preferably with the ability to identify debates, concerns and discussions in the literature

      Demonstration of the best current evidence to answer the EBP question

      Ability to present an effective summary of their findings with an answer to their EBP question and suggestions for recommendations

      The students needs to show a mastery of their material and be able to effectively respond to questions and comments at the conclusion of the presentation

      References needs to be in the Harvard format and all material needs to be carefully proof-read

      Construction of an effective abstract covering all aspects of the seminar paper

      Timing of the presentation and an ability to project their voice and engage with the group.

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