Critically discuss the drivers for service and qua

Critically discuss the drivers for service and quality improvement within your organisation and the systems that support their success.

The primary theme of the paper is Critically discuss the drivers for service and quality improvement within your organisation and the systems that support their success. in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $79 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.


The overall aims of this module are to

•         Critically evaluate theories and strategies to enable the student to develop knowledge and skills through the utilisation of the evidence base to plan for real and sustained change to bring about patient and/or service improvements within their healthcare organisation


•         Expose the student to opportunities via practical application of activities and mentoring to critically evaluate self and others and critically reflect on techniques required to inspire and create an environment for people to make change


•         Enable the student to critically appraise their qualities as a leader and their impact in practice when leading change


Learning Outcomes


(what you will achieve on the module)


Knowledge and Understanding


1. Utilising an evidence based approach apply and critically evaluate techniques for the leader to interpret the likely direction of change in health care or to critically evaluate the consequences of maintaining the status quo.


2. Critically explore different models and theories of change to support innovative and creative ways of working which  improve  patient and service outcomes.


3. Apply and critically evaluate the  skills required to inspire people to make change and get diverse stakeholders to work effectively together ensuring best possible health provision within the reality of limited resources and legislative/policy frameworks


4. Demonstrate application and critical understanding of clinical and corporate standards of governance and recognise the leaders role in ensuring accountability of staff and themselves for delivering the change.


5. Critically evaluate the knowledge and skills required by the leader to empower and motivate others to take on responsibility for changing and improving patient and service outcomes.


6. Apply techniques and tools to sustain and critically evaluate change on service and the people involved.


Learning Teaching and Assessing Strategy

(what you will need to do to achieve your learning outcomes)


This module will utilise a blended teaching and learning approach where theory will be underpinned by practice and practice will inform theory. This will consist of Seminars and Workshops, Lectures, Masterclasses, Action Learning, and Independent Study. Theoretical learning will be complemented by group work, discussion, dissemination and formative feedback.


Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes


Communication skills / Interpersonal Skills


Teamwork (working with others)


Leadership in relation to patient and service improvement


Reflective and reflexive  skills


Confidentiality and responsibility


Openness to feedback


Lifelong learning (improving own learning and performance)


Critical appraisal


Application of number through critical appraisal of the evidence base


Information and communication technology


Problem solving




The assessment is a patchwork text. The patchwork text is a series of 3 short pieces (Patches) of writing that cover the aims and learning outcomes of the module and target contemporary leadership frameworks in the context of leading change and service improvement, followed by a final critical commentary.

The total word allowance for the work is 5000 words (excluding references and/or appendices).

Please include a word count on the front cover of your work


Please use the Harvard APA 6 referencing style


Patch 1 


Critically discuss the drivers for service and quality improvement within your organisation and the systems that support their success.


Patch 2


Analyse the drivers for change to bring about one significant (or organisation wide) service improvement in your area of practice demonstrating a critical understanding of how change management and service improvement methodologies can support its implementation.


Patch 3


Critically discuss how you plan to engage with and empower key stakeholders/influencers both internally and/or externally to your organisation with the service improvement.


Critical Commentary


The critical commentary provides you with an opportunity to critically evaluate  the process and application of the learning that you have experienced.  It is recommended that at least 1000 words are reserved for the critical commentary. The three patchwork assessments and critical commentary will be assessed as a whole piece of work with emphasis placed on how the different patches are integrated or sewn together and on the integration of theory and practice and vice versa.


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