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  1. Gantt chart-Take the WBS you have already developed. Define all of the activities that will be necessary to create each deliverable in your WBS. Create a schedule for your project. First create the schedule by hand using Post-itNotes, and then put the information into MS Project. Take screenshots of the schedule to be pasted in your word document that you are submitting. Be sure to include all of the summary rows (including the first row for the project title) and any key milestones. Make sure the critical path is easy to see. (Screenshot only)
  2. Create a time-phased budget for your example project using bottom-up estimating. To the extent your sponsor will supply rates for workers, use those. Approximate rates for ones you cannot get. Ask your sponsor how they treat indirect costs. Be sure to include direct labour costs for you and your team mates and add 20% for fringe. State all assumptions and constraints you have used when creating your budget. State how confident you are in your estimates and what would make you more confident. Give examples of known knowns and known unknowns on your project. Tell how you have budgeted for both of them plus how you have budgeted for unknown unknowns.
  3. Create a risk register ( 4 risks- 3 negative and 1 positive risk)for your example project.
  4. Quality Management Plan. It should include:
    A short statement that reflects your team’s philosophy or objective for ensuring that you deliver a quality system to your client. ( 4 marks)
    Develop and describe 3 quality issues related to this project that your project team could implement to ensure quality ( 6 marks)
  5. Closure checklist and project evaluation. 
    Develop a closure checklist that the project team will use to ensure that the project has been closed properly.
    Develop a project evaluation –outline and discuss how your project’s MOV will be evaluated.



Below are the Content of the WBS:


Social media Web Application Development

  1. Application Development

1.1Create Code Design Document

1.1.1. Define Features Included in Each Release

            1.2. Implement Code Control System

            1.3. Setup Development Environment

            1.4. Database Model

                        1.4.1. Design Database Schema

                        1.4.2. Create Database

                        1.4.3. Design DB Schema Document

            1.2. GUI Development

                        1.2.1. Frontend Design

                                       Set up Working Environment

                                       Adopt Theories

                                       Select Appropriate Programming Language

                                       Host the Website


                        1.2.2. Backend Design

                                       Data Input and Manipulation

                                       Technology Set Up

                                       Component Generation

                                       Output Documentation


            1.3. Code Generation

                        1.3.1. Release Testing

                        1.3.2. Bug Fixes

  1. Application Testing

     2.1. Test Environment Setup

     2.2. Test Plan

     2.3. Unit Testing

     2.4. Results reporting

  1. Application Deployment

     3.1. Production Data Migration

     3.2. Operations Switch Over

     3.3. Documentation

     3.4. End User Documentation

     3.5. Application Administration Documentation

     3.6. Disaster Recovery

  1. Training

     4.1. End User Training

     4.2. System Administrator Training


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