Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

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  1. Make sure you answer the questions explicitly and clearly.

The most common comprehensive examination mistake is failure to explicitly and clearly answer the question that was asked. Read the question very carefully and make sure that you offer an explicit answer to it. Do not rely on the readers to draw out implicit answers.

  1. Make appropriate reference to the literature.

You will be expected to support assertions that you make in your answer with references to the appropriate literature.  These should be documented in the form of citations and a reference list, formatted according to APA style rules.

  1. Write full answers that are logically structured.

As in all writing, structure and organization are important to effective communication. Just because there is a time limit is no excuse for jumbled, incoherent writing. Take the time to think through and outline your argument and its structure before you write. As in all professional writing, an appropriate set of headings and clear explicit language can help communicate your ideas. Providing a concise conclusion for each response can help you summarize your central point and reassure the readers that you have, in fact, explicitly answered the question.

  1. Make an argument.

As a scholar prepared to embark on independent dissertation work, it is important that you demonstrate an ability to effectively articulate your own views. The comprehensive examination is not just about knowing what is contained in the literature. It is also about demonstrating that you can think about management and economic issues critically and come to your own conclusions. Avoid wishy-washy answers that simply describe some of the ideas extant in the field and then conclude that they are all correct. Take a stand and defend it with appropriate theoretical, analytical, and empirical material.

Question -

It is said that the World is becoming flat, in part, due to advances in technology and low cost communication and transportation.  As such, globalization has expanded over the past 30 years.  Consider, just in the last 10 years, the World’s population has increased by one billion, from 6.5 billion to nearly 7.5 billion people.  Many organizations have benefited from an economic perspective due to the increased consumer base.  Some would argue that globalization is no longer an option, but an organizational imperative.

You are the Chief Ethics Officer of Ultimate Nutrition, a mid-size producer and distributor of various types of fruit juices. Currently Ultimate Nutrition holds 2.5% of the global market share in the fruit juice business. Your firm has decided to expand internationally in order to capitalize on potential opportunities in foreign markets.  After laborious strategic planning meetings, the leadership team has set a goal of doubling global market share over the next 5 years. 

Currently, the firm only has facilities in the US, however, the business distributes its products in over 20 countries, these countries include, but not limited to; Peru, Guatemala, and Nigeria.  Due to the number of professional contacts in these various countries, the firm has decided to open new production facilities in the three aforementioned countries. 

As the executive teams begins conceptualizing operations internationally, it became apparent that there are a number of cultural differences.  One prominent difference is in the area of the use of child labor.  The US and other developed economies restrict the use of child labor.  Conversely, other regions promote the use of child labor as the additional income helps to provide financial support for the children’s families and offers children opportunities to gain valuable skills.

As the Chief Ethics Officer of the firm, you have been charged with leading the development of the firm’s code of conduct as it relates to child labor practices in various parts of the world.  Your task is to create an ethical framework that will guide the strategic decisions of the firm as it pertains to child labor practices.  The board has asked that the framework be grounded in the academic literature to ensure that the firm meets global standards.

The ethical framework is to reference literature in the areas of ethics, child labor and the responsibility of businesses operating globally.  Also, it is germane to the success of the firm that the framework offers sufficient justification based on ethical theory and global standards.

*Important Instruction

In writing the question please focus more directly on the issue of child labor versus labor issues in general. Also please reference the major ethical frameworks from the academic literature when addressing the question in general and in developing the code of conduct in particular. Include more of your own thoughts where appropriate.

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