• Changes in industry structure

• Changes in industry structure

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Assessment objectives

Knowledge, understanding and skills

1 Keep a log of current news items relevant to the travel and tourism industry and evaluate their potential impact examples of news items:

• changes in industry structure

• inflation

• exchange rate fluctuations

• natural disaster, eg tsunami, hurricanes

• war/terrorism

• environmental issues, eg pollution, global warming, habitat destruction

• health issues

• opening or closure of gateways

• capital investments, eg airports, motorways, attractions

• changes in legislation

• increase in taxes (local, national)

• promotional campaigns Examples of potential impact:

• positive and/or negative

• local, national or international

• image/perception

• environmental

• economic, including tourist numbers and visitor profile

2 Describe recent changes to the structure of the travel and tourism industry, their causes and potential impacts Structure:

• sales

• mergers, acquisitions and solvency

• integration (horizontal and vertical)

• growth of specific sectors/niche markets (continued overleaf)

Unit 5

Current issues in travel and tourism 2 OCR

Level 3

Nationals in Travel and Tourism Assessment objectives Knowledge, understanding and skills 2 Cont. Identify recent changes to the structure of the travel and tourism industry, their causes and their potential impact Causes:

• changing customer demands

• changing market

• competition

• use of technology

• globalisation Impacts:

• increased/decreased market share

• more/less customer choices

• more/less competition

3 Review the share prices and share related issues of three leading travel and tourism organisations Share prices and share related issues:

• published share price

• dividends

• reasons for fluctuations

• shareholder concerns

4 Evaluate the impacts of recent major events on two destinations

Examples of recent major events:

• natural disasters, eg earthquakes

• extreme weather, eg storms

• war/terrorist activity

• health scare, eg bird flu

• international sporting/cultural event, eg Olympic Games

• celebrations, eg historic, anniversary Impacts (as appropriate to event chosen):

• negative and/or positive

• immediate, short-term and potential long-term

• economic, eg tourist numbers and tourist spending

• environmental • socio-cultural, eg on local traditions

• political

5 Review the impacts of the Euro and the Eurozone on the UK travel and tourism industry Definition and/or membership of:

• European Union

• Euro

• Euro-zone Impacts:

• currency issues for inbound and outbound tourists

• ease of travel

• changes made within industry to accommodate the Euro


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