Cenimas and Classical Film Theories - Coursework

Cenimas and Classical Film Theories - Coursework

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CW1. Give a critical analysis of one or more of the classical film theories we studied, concentrating on how they define the peculiar or special qualities of the cinema in comparison to other arts.


CW2. Give a critical account of one of the post-classical theories or theoretical traditions we studied on the modules and illustrate the strength and weaknesses of this theory or theorerical tradition through an analysis of one or two films. (Select from: Bazin, Kracauer, psychoanalysis, auteurism).


How does Benjamin’s theory of the decay of the aura and the spectator as ‘distracted examiner’ in his essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction help us to imagine a radical purpose for the cinema?


What are the critical issues that need addressing in any historical account of a national cinema?

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