Case Study 2: Chillerton Drinks Ltd

Case Study 2: Chillerton Drinks Ltd

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Case Study 2: Chillerton Drinks Ltd

Chillerton Drinks Ltd is an international company and currently employs 13,500 staff around the world. The head office and 6 of its factories are based in the UK it also has operations in Chile, China, India, Nigeria, Poland and Romania 

The company is undergoing a period of rapid expansion primarily in the UK, the new CEO has asked you to write a brief report considering the approaches to recruitment which could be taken to meet the anticipated demand. 

Anticipated roles range from Senior Managers to technical specialists to general production line staff.

You should consider internal and external recruitment along with the viability of international transfers. 

The report should address the strengths and weaknesses of different methods of recruitment along with associated costs and any legal requirements. 

Word limit: 1200 words

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