Career Planning in Food Service

Career Planning in Food Service

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Currently, I am working in the food service industry as a food service manager. My job target job market is broad and has many organizations. However, I have two more jobs that I target, which are, Dentist Assistant and a Financial Planner.

Target Organization Template List

US Foods, Inc

            The company is the market leader in food service industry in US. I am a current employee of the company. The company provides a room for career development due to the wide scope of food services it offers.

UCLA Hospital Dentistry Clinic

            The company provides a wide range of health services one of which is dentistry. The company offers admirable dental services and can be an ideal place to develop my dental career as a dentist assistant.

University of Bristol Dental Hospital

            The organization specializes in dental services only making it the most appropriate company to grow my career in. Their objectives and mission are also captivating.

UMC Mountainside Dental Services

            The company offers diversified health services and has got a highly effective dental wing. There is a strong potential of dental career development.

SYSCO Corporation

            The company offers an ideal place for career development in food and service industry.

PFG Holdings, Inc.

            There is great potential for career growth in food service in the company.

Mclane Foodservice, Inc

            The company operates in fast foods industry and has the potential to offer career growth and development in food service.

Erie Indemnity Company

            This is an investment and insurance company and provides potential room for financial planning job and career growth.

Westamerica Bancorporation

            This is a banking organization with numerous branches and has high potential to offer a job in financial planning.

Cincinnati Financial

            This is an investment and insurance company and offers high chances of being employed as a financial planner.

Selected Organizations

US Foods, Inc

            The company’s mission is to transform the food industry in the US by producing superior food quality and giving formidable food solutions to customers. The company has two career options it offers based on my career needs. The company offers a chance for food service career development and financial planning. The company highly values its workers an aspect that I find attractive and consistent with my goal. My goal is to develop my career to greater height and the organization offers career development programs through field days and seminars. Finally, the organization provides an excellent working environment hence meets my objective of working in a friendly environment.

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