Cafe Terrace at Night

Cafe Terrace at Night

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Cafe Terrace at Night, also known as The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, is a colored oil painting executed by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh on an industrially primed canvas of size 25 (Toile de 25 figure) in Arles, France, mid-September 1888. The painting is not signed, but described and mentioned by the artist in three letters. There is also a large pen drawing of the composition which originates from the artist’s estate.

Visitors of the site can still stand at the northeastern corner of the Place du Forum, where the artist set up his easel He looked south towards the artificially lit terrace of the popular coffee house, as well as into the enforced darkness of the rue du Palais leading up to the building structure (to the left, not pictured) and, beyond this structure, the tower of a former church (now Musée Lapidaire). Towards the right, Van Gogh indicated a lighted shop as well, and some branches of the trees surrounding the place—but he omitted the remainders of the Roman monuments just beside this little shop.

I saw the painting at Kimbell Art Museum (Fort Worth, TX)
-Include the name of the artist, the title, the date, the medium, the approximate dimensions, the name of the collection, and the museum number.
My professor wants us to talk about:
-Color, shape, space of the museum. Also that was the difference seeing the art piece in person than in a computer.
-What made me decide on that art work
-What material or surface is being painted on
-Techniques being used on the painting
-Enough details for the reader to be able to visualize the work in all its important aspect.

Two pages can be of only visual and the other two research work of the painting.

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