Business system Analysis

Business system Analysis

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The project is to be an examination of a real-world business process. Examples might be an expense claim process or a loan application process. The process can be from any area of any business.

The process should look at an existing process and make recommendations on how the process could be improved.

Included in the project should be a Visio cross-functional process of the existing process and a second slightly modified diagram indicating a revised improved process map.

The project should also include a process metrics log. This should indicate how many times per day/week/month year the process is repeated. Where the process is subject to seasonal factors the numbers may vary. The varying numbers should be indicated. The numbers may spike or peak at different times of the day/week/month - this should be indicated. How long the process typically takes to complete should be indicated. If this varies than indicate how long it takes to complete for a simple/medium/complicated example of the process. Where there are delay queues in the process it should be indicated how long these take. Basically, the process metrics log should included everything that could ever be measured about a process.

To accompany the process map there should be a detailed description of what occurs at each step in the process and why. There should be an indication of where the process performs well or where it is weak. The revised process map should be have a description indicating where and how improvements have been made. As part of this, there should be an indication of how the improved process will deliver cost-savings, improved customer service or competitive advantage for the organisation.

There should be a data flow diagram to accompany the process. Good data flow diagramming techniques should be used.

It should be clear from the project that an investigation into the process has taken place and that new information has been discovered. To do this, a team may conduct an interview with someone who is very familiar with the process. It is not necessary that the interview be recorded or reprinted in anyway but an indication should be given of when and where the interview took place, how long it took. Notes should be taken. Techniques and strategies for interviewing and information discovery that were discussed in lecturers should ideally be used. Interviewing and information discovery techniques used should be indicated.

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