Be able to explain the factors that affect an orga

Be able to explain the factors that affect an organisation’s talent planning, recruitment and selection policy.

The primary theme of the paper is Be able to explain the factors that affect an organisation’s talent planning, recruitment and selection policy. in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $99 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.

Resourcing Talent


Unit learning outcomes:

  1. Be able to explain the factors that affect an organisation’s talent planning, recruitment and selection policy.
  2. Be able to identify appropriate recruitment and selection methods.
  3. Be able to contribute to the recruitment and selection interviewing process for a job role.

Understand the importance of effective induction.

Assessment Brief  - All activities should be completed

Activity A

Your HR Director has been asked to address the board on the issue of diversity and talent planning.  She has asked you in an email for the following to help her prepare for this meeting:

  • 3 organisational benefits of maintaining a diverse workforce.
  • Four factors (covering both internal and external factors) affecting your organisations approach to talent planning and resourcing.
  • In the event that the board ask for a new recruitment and selection policy to be developed what ethical and legal considerations would need to be taken into account.
  • Three recruitment and three selection methods which could be considered, together with an explanation of when and how each of these methods are most appropriate or effective. 


Your email response (of no more than 1000 words)



Resourcing TalentName:InstitutionIntroductionWhen it comes to recruitment and employee selection, most of the times, companies are faced with many challenges that may vary depending on the resources and logistics they have access to. Thus, this email is meant to address some of the challenges and the way forward. It shall tackle the benefits of a diverse workforce, factors affecting the organizations approach to talent planning and resourcing, the ethical and legal consideration while recruiting and selecting. Finally, it shall also look at the various options available when it comes to recruitment, selections, and their underlying factors.Three Organizational Benefits of Diverse WorkforceIn terms of the diverse workforce, many benefits are evident. This is because, with a diverse workforce, the company is assured of different viewpoints when it comes to problem approach among its employees. With a wide variety of different and diverse minds, each employee can be assured of non-discrimination or non-victimization when it comes to them expressing themselves (Currie, 2006). It also means that the company would have increased net profits in the end because with such satisfied employees, cases of them leaving or resigning is minimal hence reduced if any employee turnover costs. The increased profit can be credited to reduced costs of training new workers.The other benefit that may relate to reduced employee turnover cost is increased productivity. Because the company does not experience resignation of workers nor them being poached by competitors, it means that the company can easily retain and attract new talent hence increasing its competitive edge. It also means that such talent, which may include language skills, can be used to push for international ties between the company and other multinational corporations (Currie, 2006). The overall result is increased productivity because the diversity ensures the differently skilled workers work together towards a common goal hence translating into improved productivity.Finally, the last benefit that diverse workers can bring to the company is the increased market share and improved percentage in terms of consumer loyalty. Having an all rounded workforce,...
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