Assignment on ICT

Assignment on ICT

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Subject : event driven programming for I T user  it`s about sandwich shop okay 1 graphical user interface 2 browsing of items by type and department 3 selection of items 4 items shows picture and discribtion and price 4 shopping chart and checkout screen 5 production of receipt date and time and items and total paid Taske one explain how an operation system can be viewed as an event driven application need 500 words for that task 2 design an event driven application to meet the shop requirement 

task 3 to complete this task you need to produce pseude code and structure diagram/ flow chart and user interface task 3 implement an even driven application to meet the shop requirement to complete this task you need to produce the following evidence 1 aocument with screenshots of the user interface and annotated code 2 fully working event driven program 

task 4 produce a test plan to test that sho application you also need to explain the correction of errors you found within the program

task 5 explain the why you selected the tools and techniques that you employed to produce the sandwich shop program this for ifstement

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