Assignment 1: Critical Reflection of My Journey of

Assignment 1: Critical Reflection of My Journey of Change

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Assignment 1:  Critical Reflection of My Journey of Change  (15%)


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”  Alan Watts 


Purpose: This assignment will require you to submit a Change Agenda Worksheet and 2 Critical Reflections as you embark on a journey of self-change.  You will need to choose an aspect of yourself to tackle as a change agenda.  You will then be encouraged to work toward that change over the course of the term.  The aim of this assignment is for you, the learner, to engage in a process that is similar to what you will witness within your clients who are facing change related to their health issues.  The best guides on the journey to change are those that truly understand the experience of walking the path.  So, select a change idea, decide how you will go about making the change you are considering, and begin.  

Gerard Egan (2009) refers to the term “change agenda” meaning something a person can change that helps them move from where they are currently, to where they would prefer to be in their life.  Some examples of a behavior change a person might address include, but are not limited to, the following: becoming more physically fit, improving work/study habits, balancing the demands of work and self-care more effectively, implementing a healthier nutritional plan, mindfulness (being present in the moment), and developing/strengthening assertiveness. The sky is the limit with respect to your choice of change agenda. It is important though that for the purposes of this exercise you choose something that you genuinely care about and something that will challenge you. Also, it is important to focus on changing something for you, in contrast to changing someone else’s behaviour!

Process: The first step of the process is to complete & submit the Change Agenda Worksheet. During the term, you will submit 2 Critical Reflections (See Course Syllabus for submission due dates). 

Length and Structure: 

Change Agenda Worksheet (non-graded, mandatory): 

Critical Reflection 2 (10%): 3-4 pages, double spaced

Critical reflection submissions must reflect APA formatting and referencing for theory integration. Cover and reference pages are required (not included in page length). Please refer to the marking rubric for grading criteria. 

Some questions have been provided for you to reflect upon for each submission. The questions listed are intended to stimulate your reflective process.  Note: You are not expected to respond to every question. 

Critical Reflection Submission #2- Questions to Consider 

 As you reflect on your change journey as the end of term approaches, what have been your greatest challenges?    What have you learned from the experience?  Has the process been worthwhile?  If yes, then in what way?  If not, explain.  What new insights have you developed with respect to the change process?  Describe any experiences of lapsing or relapsing into old behaviors and ways of thinking (e.g. thinking traps).  What stage of change are you at now?  Has your commitment to ongoing change in this area increased or decreased over time?  What will be your biggest issues with maintaining changes you have made?  Have you gained any new external supports or resources through this process?  What have you learned about yourself with respect to your internal strengths and resources?  What external resources have you identified to assist you in following through on your goals?  How will you apply what you have learned from this experience to upcoming clinical experiences with clients and their families? How will this impact your future career in nursing?  What areas for future growth with respect to change remain for you?    

Assignment 1 Rubric: 

Critical Reflection on My Journey of Change 



Note: Up to 10% will be deducted if the submission is not presented using APA format. Cover and reference pages are required. See APA publication manual, course APA tip sheet, and on-line resources for guidance.    


For more guidance on critical reflection, see tip sheet posted on course page under assignment

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