Are seniority-based layoffs discriminatory?

Are seniority-based layoffs discriminatory?

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Standard Deviation Abstract


Write a basic abstract on the following article: Are seniority-based layoffs discriminatory? Write a basic abstract for the above article articles. The abstract must include the following: The purpose of the study The research question(s) The hypothesis of the study The main findings of the study Include APA-formatted references on the reference page.

Standard Deviation AbstractNameUniversityDateStandard Deviation AbstractPurpose of the studyThe primary purpose of this study is to determine whether seniority based lay off is discriminatory. The paper seeks to assess the significance of seniority in any adversarial impacts. In addition, the study intends to determine whether layoffs affect equity designated group members disproportionately (Singh & Reid, 1998).Research questions 1 Is seniority based layoff discriminatory? 2 Does union status affect the probability of layoff? 3 Does age and level of education affect the probability of layoff? 4 Does the rate of layoff of designated group members reflect on industry mix?Hypothesis of the studyThe hypothesis of thi...
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