Analysis of a stretches of discourse data

Analysis of a stretches of discourse data

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Assessment Task:

A single assignment of 5,000 words

L THE ASSIGNMENT: Analysis of (a) stretch(es) of discourse data

The task is designed to assess the extent to which you have met the module objectives. These refer not only to theoretical knowledge/understanding but also to the practical ability to apply your knowledge to the analysis of real language material. Therefore, the task requires you to carry out some actual analysis of discourse. You may use data in any language(s)1 but for the benefit of the assessors, data not In English must be accompanied by an English ‘gloss’ (ja. a word-by-word literal translation, which is usually given in ‘interlinear’ format, appearing between the lines of the original).

If you want to do something that does not fall within the parameters set by any of the five tasks below (bearing in mind that you have some freedom to design each one in a variety of ways), you can propose an alternative; but you will have to persuade module teachers that your alternative is a relevant one and relates to the main module objectives. For instance, a theoretical essay with no practical analysis will not be acceptable.

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