An Addictive Culture

An Addictive Culture

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An Addictive Culture

Essay 4 will be written in response to two personal essays,

“Going for Broke” in the online readings and
“My Prison Story” in the course textbook.

The focus for this week’s assignment will be on selecting evidence from both of the essays to show the role of choice in addictive behavior and how this behavior has life-changing consequences for individuals and families.

The main focus in “Going for Broke” is on compulsive gambling which in most cases leads to financial ruin, crime, jail, and the overall physical, mental, and economic decline of the individual and their family. The focus in “My Prison Story” is on a teen who begins by smoking marijuana, staying out late, and associating with a disreputable group of friends. The essay continues through his subsequent arrest, incarceration, and resultant turnaround. In both personal essays, the suffering of the individual as well as their family members is described.

In this analysis essay, both personal essays must be addressed and selected words, sentences, and passages from each selection will need to be integrated into the body of the essay as supportive evidence for the essay’s assertions.

The essay is written in response to the role of individual choice as presented in the two course readings, “Going for Broke” and “My Prison Story”. As support for the response, include some textual evidence from both of these two articles.

The minimum word count is 900 words and the maximum is 1000.

The essay must contain a one sentence thesis statement, three or more body paragraphs with evidence to support the thesis, and a strong one paragraph conclusion which is drawn from the evidence. The essay needs to be formatted in MLA style and submitted to this designated Turnitin link for credit. The selections used as evidence must be parenthetically cited within the body of the essay, itself, and correctly listed in MLA format on a Works Cited page on the final page of the submission.

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