Admission essay: Application for a Nursing Major C

Admission essay: Application for a Nursing Major Course

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Admission essay: Application for a Nursing Major Course


Admission essay for nursing major. i have been working as an LPN for four years and i have a passion on becoming a nurse since childhood.

Application for a Nursing Major CourseNameInstitutionApplication for a Nursing Major CourseI’m a Licensed Practical Nurse, and I have been in practice for four years. Over this period, I have worked with other members in the healthcare community to provide care services to patients and families. This is a calling that I enjoy most since I like helping others. The range of care services I have helped provide include personal hygiene to patients, collecting the health information of patients, facilitating communication between patients and registered nurses/physicians, administering oral medications, wound care and dressing, as well as keeping record of patients’ health information. Nevertheless, my philosophy of nursing emphasizes a commitment to help others by promoting health conditions in society. While working as an LPN, I realized the need to improve the quality of the services I offer so as to make an impact in people’s lives. Accordingly, I aim to attain a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to acquire the relevant knowledge, skills, and expertise, which will enable me to offer healthcare services efficiently and effectively. My c...
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