Ability to evaluate a reward strategy.

Ability to evaluate a reward strategy.

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Learning Outcomes tested

(from module syllabus)


Ability to evaluate a reward strategy.

Understanding of how the strategy does or does not attract, retain and motivate employees.

Ability to make recommendations for a reward system which improves employee and organisational performance.

Write a 2000-word report about the reward issues at Ritzy Cinema in south London. Ritzy Cinema is owned by Picturehouse.


Use appropriate theoretical models to critically evaluate the reward problems experienced, particularly reward implementation issues.


Address the situation from the point of view of the:


  1. Picturehouse, the owners of Ritzy Cinema
  2.  Ritzy Cinema employees
  3.  Trade union


Provide appropriate recommendations for how the situation might be resolved to the mutual benefit of all parties, which could prevent unrest happening in the future. Your recommendations should be logical, viable and scheduled. Also offer some costings.


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