a) Write a suitable hypothesis for the investi

a) Write a suitable hypothesis for the investigation of what Jackson proposes.

The primary theme of the paper is a) Write a suitable hypothesis for the investigation of what Jackson proposes. in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $89 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.


PART A: (60 marks)

Please answer all the following questions:

Question 1: (30 marks)


I wanted to understand how societies such as America and Britain, which pride themselves on their liberal democratic cultures, could in the space of less than two years actively support or at least acquiesce to a massive campaign of counterterrorist violence involving destructive military assaults on two of the world’s poorest countries, political assassinations, aid and support to dictators, the torture of prisoners and the systematic violation and erosion of deeply cherished civic rights. What could induce ordinary citizens to participate at least tacitly in such sustained and pervasive violence which has by now killed tens of thousands of other ordinary people in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere?’ Richard Jackson (2005), Writing the War on Terrorism: Language, Politics, and Counter Terrorism (Manchester: Manchester University Press), p. 180 Jackson goes on to argue that the discursive practices of the US administration and media produced the threat of terrorism in a particular way that made these human rights violations seemingly acceptable to its population. The language of the War on Terror dehumanized the enemy and made the threat so overwhelming that any means necessary was found to be the best approach to counterterrorism.

a)     Write a suitable hypothesis for the investigation of what Jackson proposes.

b)    In this study you would have collect both qualitative and quantitative data. Identify each kind of data, give examples.

c)     Suggest one practical application that might arise from these findings of this research

Question 2: (30 marks)

Despite their abuse of power and at times unattractive behavior, local Rulers also performed important social functions, supporting religion, culture and encouraging some aspects of a primitive form of civil society. The warlord by contrast was a negative phenomenon/.../his power rested on the possession of military forces, he occupied territory in a strictly predatory manner and his social activities seldom enriched the lives of civilian families in his grasp/.../it implied protectionism, racketeering and the interception of revenues without any mitigating cultural or religious commitments” [Mac Kinlay, 2000, p.49].

a)     Outline the primary data that you will need to have access to in order to determine whether a particular local ruler is exhibiting a “warlord behavior”.

b)    If you are the advisor of such a Ruler write a brief research proposal including a research hypothesis regarding his image among his people.

c)     Write 5 questions that you would have included in a questionnaire for the above proposed research. Include instructions/scales for recording answers












PART C: (20 Marks)

Please answer ALL the following questions (Question 4& 5):

Question 4: (10 marks)

Design a study to test if there is a difference in the numerical ability of left handed students and right handed students. You have access to 200 students.

You should:

  • Identify your hypothesis
  • Explain an appropriate sampling method and justify your choice
  • Explain how you would assess numerical ability

Question 5: (10 marks)

The following information is available about patients:

Temperature: 36 °C

Response to Treatment: Excellent

  • Indicate the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval) for each variable.
  • How can you determine if there is a relationship between these variables (negative/positive correlation)
  • Suggest a research hypothesis in the core that Response to treatment is affected by Temperature.
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