3. Be able to ‘audit’ the sustainability of an

3. Be able to ‘audit’ the sustainability of an organisation

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ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care

Manage Sustainability in an Organisation

Unit aims

To develop the knowledge, skills and techniques to be able to identify sustainability issues within an organisation and to put in place suitable management systems for legal compliance and corporate responsibility purposes

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the issues relating to sustainability of an organisation

1.1 Examine the principles of sustainable development

1.2 Analyse current issues in relation to sustainability

1.3 Assess key sustainability issues affecting a specific organisation

2. Be able to apply legislation, regulations and guidance on sustainability to organisations

2.1 Analyse legislation, regulations and guidance on sustainable development issues

2.2 Evaluate the relevance of legislation, regulations and guidance to the sustainability of a specific organisation

2.3 Explain the application of sustainable development legislation, regulations and guidance on a specific organisation

3. Be able to ‘audit’ the sustainability of an organisation

3.1 Research the specific areas for improvement in relation to sustainability

3.2 Analyse and report the findings of research on sustainability

3.3 Recommend improvements to sustainability

4. Understand how to establish environmental management systems for organisations

4.1 Determine appropriate environmental management standards for an organisation

4.2 Analyse environmental management standards to assess how they can be applied to an organisation

4.3 Design an environmental management system for an organisation

4.4 Explain how an environmental management system could be implemented within the organisation

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