2. Determine your organization’s competitive pos

2. Determine your organization’s competitive position and strategy.

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Answer any five (5) from the following questions. Each question carries 12 marks.


  1. For your organization or an organization of your choice:
  • Identify a number of relevant marketing strength and weaknesses.
  • Interpret these by asking what these strength / weaknesses suggest about the marketing strategies available to the organization?


  1. Determine your organization’s competitive position and strategy.           
  1. Review the marketing objectives of your organization. What (and how clear) is the connection between the marketing objectives and the corporate objectives? If your organization does not have marketing objectives, try writing somewhat would help fulfill some of the corporate objectives.
    1. Think of an organization of your choice, which involves in trading mobile phones. Explain the various approaches used in segmenting markets and also describe how the marketing mix is used to position your products in a market.



    1. Analyze a product or service offered by your organization in terms of the three levels of product. What is the core benefit? How important are product services at the augmented product level to the overall ‘offer
    1. Consider the ten main issues facing industrial marketing managers. How important are these issues to your organization (or an organization with which you are familiar)? What advice would you give to organizations trying to integrate place (distribution) with other elements of the marketing mix?


    1. Sony charges a price premium for its Play Station 3 over competing brands Nintendo (whose game system Wii is the market leader) and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. What does this tell you about the value of a brand name? Do you think there are ethical issues involved in this type of pricing? If so, what are they?


    1. Select four advertisements you have seen recently - one newspaper, one magazine, one website banner and one television. What advertising objectives do you think the organization had in each case?
    • What are the four main factors to consider when selecting an advertising medium?
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