1. Explain the purpose of employment law and how i

1. Explain the purpose of employment law and how it is enforced

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Learning outcomes:


  1. Understand the purpose of employment regulation and the way it is enforced in practice.
  2. Know how to manage recruitment and selection activities lawfully.
  3. Know how to manage change and reorganisation lawfully. 
  4. Know how to manage issues relating to pay and working time lawfully.
  5. Be able to ensure that staff are treated lawfully when they are at work.
  6. Know how to manage performance and disciplinary matters lawfully.

Assessment brief/activity


In consultation with your tutor you are required to select three out of the six activities below and provide written answers to each one selected.


  1. Explain the purpose of employment law and how it is enforced.  Describe the role played by the tribunal and courts system in enforcing employment law.  Include how cases are settled before and during formal legal procedures.


  1. You are asked to develop a training session for line managers with the title `managing recruitment, selection and appointments lawfully`. Outline what you would include in your presentation and why. Briefly set out three examples you would use to illustrate your key points.


  1. Your organisation is planning a major reorganisation that will involve moving some people to other sites and the outsourcing of a major function to a sub-contractor. You are asked to set out the major ways in which the law protects employees in such situations and to advise managers about carrying out the reorganisation lawfully. What would you say and why?


  1. You are asked to write a short briefing paper for managers in your organisation explaining which staff and potential future members of staff are, and are not, entitled to the following:
  • a maximum working week of 48 hours
  • the full adult rate of the National Minimum Wage
  • equal pay
  • maternity and paternity pay


             What are the key points you would want to make?


  1. Three employees make formal complaints about serious bullying at work. The first alleges that it is because of her nationality, the second because of his refusal to join a trade union and the third because of his support for a particular football club.


             In each case the bullying has been sufficiently severe to require the employees

             to seek medical help and all are taking medication to help them recover.


             Explain the grounds and different types of case that these employees might be

             able to bring against the organisation and why using reference to leading



  1. You work for a small organisation which has never had to take formal disciplinary action against an employee before. A long-standing employee is now suspected of coming to work while under the influence of illegal drugs. Explain what steps need to be taken and why if the organisation is to minimise the chances of having to defend the case in an Employment Tribunal.
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