1.1 use the relevant sections of the IEE regulatio

1.1 use the relevant sections of the IEE regulations

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of

this unit a learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

The learner can:


LO1 Understand the use and

applications of electrical

supply systems


1.1 use the relevant sections of the IEE regulations

1.2 design appropriate lighting circuits

1.3 classify starting and speed control mechanisms

1.4 determine appropriate values for transformer outputs

1.5 perform power factor correction calculations


LO2 Be able to apply the gas laws

to industrial compressors


2.1 derive formulae with reference to the gas laws

2.2 apply the gas laws to an industrial compressor system


LO3 Understand the provision of

steam services for process

and power use


3.1 explain the requirements for process steam according to


3.2 discuss the need for superheated steam for power use

3.3 determine overall plant efficiencies for process, power

and combined heat and power systems

3.4 produce illustrative sketches of heat distribution in



LO4 Understand industrial

applications of refrigerators

and heat pumps


4.1 determine coefficient of performance, heating effect and

refrigeration effect of reversed heat engines

4.2 use refrigeration tables and charts

4.3 sketch refrigerator and heat pump cycles

4.4 discuss the economics of heat pumps

4.5 explain the apparent contradiction between refrigeration

cycles and the second law of thermodynamics.

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