1.1 outline how to prepare to deal with customers

1.1 outline how to prepare to deal with customers

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Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria


1 Know how to deliver reliable

customer service


1.1 outline how to prepare to deal with


1.2 identify how to make realistic

customer service promises to


1.3 describe how to ensure promises

made to customers balance the

needs of organisations and


1.4 describe how to inform customers

when promises cannot be kept due

to unforeseen circumstances

1.5 outline how to keep customers

informed to support reliable

customer service

1.6 match characteristics of different

customers to different customer

service expectations

1.7 identify poor customer service

1.8 outline how poor customer service

could be improved


2 Know how to behave towards to



2.1 outline appropriate ways to greet


2.2 describe how to appear positive to

customers at all times

2.3 describe how to show customers

respect under any circumstances

2.4 state how to complete

communication with customers

2.5 identify positive body language

2.6 identify negative body language


3 Know how to deal with customers’

queries, requests and problems


3.1 describe how to deal with queries

and requests from customers

3.2 identify the limitations of roles of

customer service practitioners

3.3 identify who is able to provide

assistance to customer service


3.4 identify how to recognise problems

from what customers say or do

3.5 describe how to speak to

dissatisfied customers

3.6 identify types of behaviour that may

make problems worse

3.7 outline good practice procedures

that should be followed when

dealing with customer related issues 

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