1.1 discuss thermodynamic systems and their proper

1.1 discuss thermodynamic systems and their properties

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of

this unit a learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

The learner can:


LO1 Understand thermodynamic

systems as applied to plant

engineering processes


1.1 discuss thermodynamic systems and their properties

1.2 examine the application of the 1st law of

thermodynamics to thermodynamic systems

1.3 evaluate polytropic processes

1.4 determine the relationships between system constants

for a perfect gas


LO2 Understand power

transmission system

elements in relation to plant

engineering equipment


2.1 determine the maximum power which can be

transmitted by means of a belt and by a friction clutch

2.2 determine the torque and power transmitted through

gear trains


LO3 Understand static and

dynamic fluid systems with

reference to plant



3.1 determine the hydrostatic pressure and thrust on

immersed surfaces

3.2 determine the centre of pressure on immersed surfaces

3.3 explain viscosity in fluids

3.4 determine fluid flow in a pipeline

3.5 assess the impact of a jet of fluid


LO4 Understand combustion

processes associated with

plant engineering


4.1 explain the combustion process using terminology

associated with combustion chemistry

4.2 determine energy of combustion

4.3 explain how products of combustion are formed.

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