1.1 Determine and validate appropriate areas for r

1.1 Determine and validate appropriate areas for research

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ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare Management

Research Project


This unit aims to develop the skills required to produce a research question and carry out independent research using appropriate research techniques. The unit also aims to enable the learner to analyse research findings, evaluate research methodology used and present findings.

Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to recognise valid areas for research and develop research questions

1.1 Determine and validate appropriate areas for research

1.2 Determine a suitable research approach

1.3 Develop suitable research questions/ hypotheses for selected area of research

2. Be able to carry out research relevant to research questions

2.1 Develop a detailed research proposal for chosen area of research and agree with supervisor/manager

2.2 Apply relevant research methods for area and type of research

2.3 Analyse ethical issues relating to research

2.4 Analyse research findings and generate valid conclusions

3. Be able to evaluate research and present results and conclusions

3.1 Evaluate research methods, techniques and findings and comment on validity of research

3.2 Present results and conclusions in a suitable format for audience

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