1.1 describe the terminology used in process meas

1.1 describe the terminology used in process measurements

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of

this unit a learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

The learner can:


LO1 Understand instrumentation

systems used in process



1.1 describe the terminology used in process


1.2 evaluate a range of sensors and transducers with

reference to manufacturers’ terminology

1.3 explain the construction and operation of modern

sensors used to measure pressure, level, temperature

and flow

1.4 describe typical applications for the sensors examined

1.5 explain signal conditioning and transmission


LO2 Understand process control

systems and controllers


2.1 explain the need for process control

2.2 describe process control terminology

2.3 determine the medium required for successful


2.4 name sensors, conditioners and display units for a range

of specific purposes

2.5 evaluate tuning techniques

2.6 describe the control actions required for different


2.7 represent systems using standard diagrams


LO3 Understand the use of

regulating units


3.1 identify the main parts of a regulating unit

3.2 evaluate a regulating unit with reference to standard

terminology, including manufacturers’ specifications

3.3 select the plug characteristics required for a specified


3.4 describe the characteristics of a range of regulating


3.5 describe the use of valve positioners.

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