1.1 Define corporate social responsibility (CSR)

1.1 Define corporate social responsibility (CSR)

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ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Unit Aims

To develop an understanding of CSR issues and impacts of CSR policy.

Learning Outcomes

1 Understand current corporate social responsibility issues facing business

1.1 Define corporate social responsibility (CSR)

1.2 Describe background and changing attitudes to CSR

1.3 Describe the regulatory framework for CSR

1.4 explain environmental issues in CSR

1.5 Explain economic and political issues in CSR

1.6 Explain social and community issues in CSR

2 Understand the impact of corporate social responsibility policy on different stakeholders

2.1 Assess the benefits of CSR to employees

2.2 Analyse the impact of CSR on the supply chain

2.3 Explain how a CSR policy impacts on business performance

2.4 Explain how CSR impacts on marketing strategy

2.5 Assess the potential conflicts which may arise between the needs and expectations of different stakeholders

3 Be able to make recommendations for responsible business practice

3.1 Review the CSR policy of a specific business

3.2 Assess the extent of voluntarism in CSR policy

3.3 Recommend changes to CSR policy to benefit different stakeholders

3.4 Assess the potential impact of changes in CSR on business performance

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