1.1 Analyse the principles of quality management

1.1 Analyse the principles of quality management

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Learning Outcome - The learner will:
Assessment Criteria - The learner can:

1. Understand the principles underpinning the management of quality

Analyse the principles of quality management
Analyse the purpose and requirements of a range of quality standards
Analyse the advantages and limitations of a range of quality techniques
Assess how the management of quality contributes to the achievement of organisational objectives

2. Be able to prepare for quality audits

Establish the quality requirements applicable to the work being audited
Confirm that documentation is complete
Confirm that any previously agreed actions have been implemented
Make available information requested in advance by auditors

3. Be able to support quality audits

Provide access to information on request within scope of the audit
Agree actions and timescales with auditors that will remedy non-conformance or non-compliance
Identify instances where business processes, quality standards and/or procedures could be improved
Develop a quality improvement plan that addresses the issues raised
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