1.1 Analyse the features of the marketing environm

1.1 Analyse the features of the marketing environment

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ATHE Level 6 Extended Diploma in Management

Factors Determining Marketing Strategies

Unit aims

This unit enables learners to understand the influences on marketing strategy and the characteristics and use of marketing intelligence. It also involves the underpinning principles of strategic marketing analysis, strategic choice and stakeholder engagement.

Learning outcomes

1. Understand the influences on determining a marketing strategy

1.1 Analyse the features of the marketing environment

1.2 Evaluate the role of market segmentation, targeting and positioning in marketing strategy

1.3 Evaluate the role and significance of macro and micro forces in determining a marketing strategy

1M1 Evaluate environmental scanning tools and techniques in determining a marketing strategy

2. Understand marketing intelligence

2.1 Appraise the nature, uses and value of market intelligence

2.2 Analyse the characteristics of an effective marketing information system

2.3 Evaluate different methods of forecasting sales

3. Understand stakeholder engagement in organisations

3.1 Assess the principles of stakeholder engagement

3.2 Evaluate the importance of stakeholder support to organisations

3.3 Assess the relationship between stakeholders and corporate social responsibility

3.4 Analyse the impact of conflicting demands on an organisation’s marketing effort

4. Understand the nature of strategic marketing analysis and strategic choice

4.1Assess the concept of cost leadership strategies as a means of maintaining competitive advantage

4.2 Justify the aims and uses of pricing strategies in different stages of the product life cycle and their relationship with marketing policy

4.3 Evaluate the concepts and attributes of differentiation (supply side and demand side) and its implications for marketing strategy development

4.4Analyse approaches to competitive positioning of organisations

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