1.1 Analyse business objectives

1.1 Analyse business objectives

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ATHE Level 6 Extended Diploma in Management

Project Management

Unit aims

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to understand the process of identifying appropriate and feasible projects. Learner will also understand how the projects can be planned and monitored in order to achieve business objectives

Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to analyse business objectives to identify potential projects, their feasibility and the methodology which may be used

1.1 Analyse business objectives

1.2 Identify potential projects required from an appraisal of established business objectives

1.3 Review project methodologies suitable for the chosen project

1.4 Assess the feasibility of a proposed project

2. Be able to design systems and plans for initiating and managing projects

2.1 Devise a structure for the management of a project

2.2 Explain the role and responsibilities of the project manager

2.3 Prepare a detailed project plan with high level estimates of time, resources and costs that meet agreed milestones

3. Understand how to monitor and control the progress of projects

3.1 Identify potential issues and risks associated with projects

3.2 Design systems and measures to monitor and appraise the status and progress of projects

3.3 Design contingency plans to help mitigate potential delays in the progress of projects

4. Understand how to close and review the success of a project

4.1 Assess tasks needed to close a project

4.2 Devise ways to review the success of a project

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