1.1 analyse a measurement system

1.1 analyse a measurement system

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of

this unit a learner will:

Assessment criteria for pass

The learner can:


LO1 Be able to analyse a

measurement system and

solve problems relating to the

characteristics of a signal


1.1 analyse a measurement system

1.2 solve problems relating to the characteristics of


1.3 compare different types of transmission systems


LO2 Be able to analyse the

principles and techniques

employed in measurement


2.1 solve problems relating to data that has been


2.2 solve problems using graphical techniques

2.3 solve problems using spreadsheets


LO3 Be able to select and use test

equipment to measure a

range of signals


3.1 describe the operation of items of test equipment

3.2 select and use items of test equipment to measure



LO4 Be able to apply the principles

and techniques used in data

acquisition systems


4.1 identify the hardware and software required to

capture data from an item under test

4.2 investigate the operation of a data acquisition


4.3 apply a data acquisition system to determine the

performance of an item under test

4.4 analyse the results obtained from the data


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