1. Who are the title, author, copyright date, and

1. Who are the title, author, copyright date, and publisher of the book

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Leadership in Health Care: Characteristics and Traits of the Leader


Description: Choose one non-fiction biographic or autobiographic book about a prominent leader (current or past, good or bad, govt or private sector). This is descriptive and should be in paragraph form. APA format. Write a reaction paper answering the below listed questions based on the book:
1. Who are the title, author, copyright date, and publisher of the book
2. who or what is the subject of the book
3. Describe the leadership style, characteristics and traits of the leader discussed
4. Describe how the leadership style or traits of the leader had a positive or negative impact on their ability to effectively lead their organization
5. Describe one problem or situation mentioned in the book and how the leader approached the challenge 
5. Critique the leader`s approach to the above situation, and discuss how you may have handled it differently
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LEADERSHIP IN HEALTHCARE. (Student name :) (Institution Affiliation :) (Date due) Introduction: Leadership in healthcare is a very sensitive and crucial topic for discussion especially due to the fact that healthcare field is a very dynamic area that so many changes are experienced more likely on the personnel involved as well as the general subject matter (Kumar, 2013). For this reason, a number of prominent leaders in the medicine field tend to emerge every other day and therefore, the analysis of such persons is so crucial. Some of these leaders make remarkable changes or impact on the field and go unnoticed while in the case of others, the change is so great that their efforts are worth made known to the general public. In relation to this, therefore, the scholar will review the book by the name “Gifted Hands” by Benjamin Solomon Carson commonly known as “Ben” Carson. Much emphasis will be on the analysis on this particular book due to the much contribution the leader in the book has made in the health sector as well as the general wellbeing of the people. The lessons that every reader and anyone who hears the story of this specific leader learns is another motivating factor that will necessitate the review. The analy

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