1. Understand the principles of strategic marketin

1. Understand the principles of strategic marketing

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ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management

Strategic Marketing

Unit aims

This unit enables learners to develop knowledge and understanding of marketing at a strategic level and how this is applied in practice including developing a marketing strategy.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the principles of strategic marketing

1.1 Analyse the relationship between corporate strategy and marketing strategy

1.2 Analyse the development of marketing strategies

1.3 Explain how different marketing strategies can contribute to competitive advantage

2. Understand how to carry out a strategic marketing analysis

2.1 Evaluate approaches to conducting an internal environmental analysis

2.2 Evaluate approaches to conducting an external environmental analysis

2.3 Assess the integration of internal and external analyses

3. Understand the role of customer behaviour in marketing strategies

3.1 Analyse the role of the marketing research process and its relationship to consumer behaviour

3.2 Explain the different types of consumers and their behaviour in B2B and B2C markets and factors underpinning customer loyalty

3.3 Evaluate the role of relationship marketing in customer behaviour analysis

4. Understand how to develop an implementable strategic marketing plan

4.1 Analyse the factors to be taken into account in the development of a marketing plan

4.2 Develop an implementable plan for a given organisation

4.3 Design monitoring systems that are capable of identifying performance deviations from the plan’s original objectives

4.4 Anticipate the need for contingency plans

5. Understand how to create a marketing strategy to meet business objectives

5.1 Evaluate the requirements of a marketing strategy

5.2 Explain the relationship between a marketing strategy and a corporate strategy

5.3 Explain how the marketing strategy should address competitive forces and their likely impact

5. 4 Design a dissemination process to ensure internal stakeholders are informed and committed to the marketing strategy

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