1. Understand the context of safeguarding for vuln

1. Understand the context of safeguarding for vulnerable adults

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ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care

Safeguarding Adults

Unit aims

To introduce learners to safeguarding and the individual’s responsibilities in relation to promotion and management of effective safeguarding

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the context of safeguarding for vulnerable adults

1.1 Define safeguarding

1.2 Explain the legislation that relates to the protection of vulnerable adults

1.3 Review recent policy developments on approaches to safeguarding vulnerable adults

2. Be able to review policies and procedures for safeguarding of adults within a specific service setting

2.1 Describe the policies and procedures for the safeguarding of adults in a chosen service setting

2.2 Evaluate the policies/procedures in terms of fitness for purpose and legislative requirements

2.3 Produce recommendations for improvements to safeguarding of adults

2.4 Develop an action plan for organisational improvements in safeguarding vulnerable adults

3. Understand multi-agency approaches to safeguarding

3.1 Explain the rationale for joint work between agencies

3.2 Review guidelines for good practice and service standards applicable to joint working between agencies

3.3 Describe methods of promoting joint working

3.4 Evaluate methods of evaluating joint working

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