1. Understand how private sector practices have be

1. Understand how private sector practices have become important in the public services delivery

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1a       Introduction to the module


This module provides an overview of major issues in the public sector management with a focus on financial management. It helps the students learn how income is generated and spent in the public sector and how the budget holders are held to account for spending public money and organisational performance. It also provides a very brief overview of charity sector’s financial management issues and the effect of globalisation upon public sector financial management.


2a        Module aims                                                             

The aims of this module are to enable students to . . .

1.   understand how private sector practices have become important in the public services delivery

2.   critically evaluate the role of financial management and decision making in the public sector and not-for-profit organisations

3.   have a good understanding of the impact of globalisation on public sector management



2b        Learning Outcomes



            Knowledge and Understanding


Successful students will typically have knowledge and understanding of:


  • key management issues in the public sector with a focus on financial management
  • globalisation and its impact on financial management in the public sector
  • financial management issues in the third sector

            Skills and Attributes


Successful students will typically be able to:


      4.   evaluate current issues in the public sector management  by linking theory and practice

      5.   understand how financial management is practiced in the public sector and third sector

CW2:  In class Test:  30%       


There will be an in-class test in the last week which will be based on the material covered in the module with a greater focus on the readings given to the students for tutorials.  (Depending on the class size the test will be scheduled during Lecture or Tutorials).  The test will comprise a mix of MCQs and short answers questions. If there is a guest speaker session then some questions might also relate to the presentation of the guest speaker. Sample test questions will be provided so that students are familiar with the format of the test.



CW3: Group assignment     30%


Working in pairs you are required to write a research paper on comparative financial management in public sector and charity organisations. For that purpose you should:


  • Choose any two charity organisations. The headquarters (HQs) of one of the two organisations should be in the U.K while the HQs of the second organisation should be   outside the U.K. You should research their financial management by answering the following questions:


  • What are the strategic objectives and priorities of the organisations?
  • What are the key expenditure areas and how those are financed?
  • What are similarities and differences in the issues faced by these organisations
  • To what extent Globalisation can be used as a framework to examine and explain similarities and differences in the financial management practices of the two organisations?



  • Utilise the data and findings of individual research papers done on two NHS trusts. Compare and contrast financial performance of the charity organisations with the NHS Trust hospitals and comment upon their comparative performance.



You are also required to maintain a group work log detailing action plan, input of each member and progress till the completion of the assignment. The log should be included in a reflection note of about 300-500 words where you discuss challenges faced in completion of the assignment and learning outcomes achieved as a result of this assignment. The reflection note be included at the end as an appendix and should not be included for word count of the main paper.


Further details and guidance will be provided during a dedicated tutorial



  • Word Limit 2500 with 10% +/- allowance. Word Limit doesn’t include Abstract, References List, Endnotes or Appendices
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