1) Develop a deep understanding of ecological and

1) Develop a deep understanding of ecological and conservation issues

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Assessment Title: Case Study Construction Environmental Report
Assessment Length: 3000 words (Excluding references and appendices).

Learning Outcomes:
1) Develop a deep understanding of ecological and conservation issues.
2) Develop a deep understanding of current environmental practices.

Flooding of urban centres both in the United Kingdom and throughout the World has become a major problem in the first part of th twenty first century and to a large extend this could be connected with “Global Warming” Pollution also continues to be a problem and in most cases has been caused by human activity in the previous centuries but continues to be an issue in the current
century, Land fill site, previous industrial sites, result in land contamination which in some cases contribute to increased releases of greenhouses gases contributing to the global warming. “Global Warming” is a complex issue and the debate as to whether it is the main cause of climatic change has been contested over the past twenty years by the large economic powers. However the outcome of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris in December 2015 would appear to have settled the debate and has charged the “International Community” to act in unison to deal with the problem. The international construction community have an opportunity to act by changing their current practices to reduce carbon emission for future generations and also design infrastructure and buildings to mitigate the worst effects of environmental change across the world.

Case Study Report (York Yorkshire England)

York and the surrounding area is just one of many towns and cities across northern England that experienced major flooding in December 2105 and January 2016.

Examine historical data in relation to flooding in the York area and critically appraise previous funding and measures that have been put in place to deal with flooding and contamination of land and buildings caused by flooding.

Critically appraise new concepts in the design of infrastructure and buildings that could mitigate against future flooding in the city. Part of your research could focus on best practice from around the world in relation to funding flood control measures, infrastructure, building design, and dealing with contamination of land and buildings to provide a sustainable solution to York’s problems.

Assessment Criteria

1) Investigate past and present issues associated with flooding in York and the surrounding area supported with references and documentation.[20 marks].

2) Analysis of the causes and effects of flooding on York and surrounding area should be debated in relation to the problem[20 marks].

3) Coherent debate based on peer reviewed journals and documents on best practice guidance from around the world supported with illustrations in the appendices. [30 marks]

4) Concise critical thinking should be articulated within your report supported by seminal text using University of Bolton Harvard Referencing system.[30 marks].

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