1 Describe what is expected of a buddy

1 Describe what is expected of a buddy

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Outcome 1 Understand how to buddy a colleague

The learner can:

1 describe what is expected of a buddy

2 explain techniques to give positive feedback and constructive criticism

3 explain techniques to establish rapport with a buddy

Outcome 2 Be able to plan to buddy a colleague

The learner can:

1 agree which aspects of a colleague’s work may benefit from buddying

2 confirm organisational requirements for standards of behaviour, presentation,

communication and performance of a buddy colleague

3 agree a schedule of meetings that minimise disruption to business

4 agree specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) buddying


Outcome 3 Be able to support a buddy colleague carrying out work activities

The learner can:

1 remain unobtrusive while a buddy colleague carries out their work activities

2 provide examples of how to carry out tasks correctly

3 identify instances of good practice and areas for improvement through observation

4 praise a buddy colleague on well completed tasks

5 give constructive feedback on ways in which a buddy could improve performance

6 offer a buddy hints and tips based on personal experience

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