1. Be able to analyse key stakeholders

1. Be able to analyse key stakeholders

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ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care

Managing Stakeholder Engagement

Unit aims

The aim of the unit is to enable the learner to develop the knowledge and understanding required to engage with stakeholders and to learn how to manage stakeholders in projects and organisations.

Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to analyse key stakeholders

1.1 Analyse stakeholders and their needs and expectations for either an organisation or project

1.2 Evaluate and map stakeholder relationships

1.3 Assess the importance of stakeholder engagement

2. Understand how to build an effective stakeholder engagement strategy to implement policy

2.1 Analyse methods to engage stakeholders to validate the implementation of policies.

2.2 Develop a communications strategy to effectively engage with stakeholders

3. Understand how to build and maintain stakeholder relationships

3.1 Explain how to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders

3.2 Analyse issues that may affect stakeholder relationships

3.3 Analyse potential conflict situations and possible resolution

3.4 Assess the importance of monitoring and reviewing stakeholder engagement

4. Understand how to engage with the stakeholder groups

4.1 Analyse methods to elicit stakeholder views on policy and other issues

4.2 Analyse how to gain stakeholder validation and agreement for policies and plans

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