1. Analyze the mission statement1. Analyze the m

1. Analyze the mission statement1. Analyze the mission statement

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Strategic Management


Project Descriptions




Authentic Assessment (50% of final grade)




The Authentic Assessment for BMGT495 is a 2-phase research project that is designed for students to perform a rigorous analysis of a company`s strategic direction, integrating key material learned throughout the courses you have taken for the Business Administration degree.  This means the project is geared towards the functional areas of business, i.e., accounting, marketing, management, finance, information technology, human resources, etc.




Course Outcomes Met with the Authentic Assessment:


    * use the strategic management process to analyze companies, nonprofit organizations, or governmental units and recommend specific changes needed for their sustainability

    * demonstrate an understanding the role of visioning and construct a mission statement of an organization that reflects its core competencies and values

    * prepare an external factor analysis that considers a rapidly changing environment to include: the economy, technology, demographic factors, political/legal factors and global issues

    * prepare an internal scan of the organization using principles of accounting, finance, management, marketing, information systems, and human resources

    * assess and determine the appropriate type of strategies for the organization being analyzed and develop and recommend business strategies to improve the organization`s competitive advantage






Phase I - (20%)


For this project, you will identify a company that you will analyze.  It is acceptable to use your own company. Students are expected to research, and analyze the mission and vision statement of the company.  Students will also perform a Situational Analysis evaluating both the external environment and internal environment, specifically discussing both current and future external factors that will affect the strategic possibilities of the company being analyzed.  You should use the External Evaluation Matrix as a summarization tool.  Once the situational analysis is complete, students will develop the current financial situation, preparing and analyzing the income statement for the most current three years.  Additionally, students are expected to provide a trend analysis, perform a comparison to the industry, and discuss the company`s solvency, efficiency and profitability.  Lastly, students will discuss the organizational structure and do an analysis on the board of directors, the organization`s culture, its leadership, and the competition the organization faces. Phase I will be due in the 6th week of class.


Grading Rubric for Phase I


Mission and Vision Statements Analysis


1.  Analyze the mission statement


2.  Analyze the vision statement


(Is the mission statement effective?  The decision is supported by looking closely at the language, organization and content.  How could the mission statement be more effective).  Critique the mission and vision statements to the company`s strategic direction


Situation Analysis


External Factor Evaluation (EFE) and Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE)


1.    Identify and explain all micro and macro forces that shape the company`s strategic plan.


2.    Perform a competitive analysis using tools such as Porter`s Five Forces.  Explain and evaluate the company`s strategic direction


3.    Explain and evaluate the relationship between the tool and the company`s strategic direction


4.    Incorporate a competitive profile matrix (CPM) and explain the results


Financial Analysis


Analyze, evaluate, and draw conclusions on the financial performance of the company relative to the company`s strategic plan


1.   Prepare and analyze the income statement from the past 3-4 years including the EPS and the diluted earnings per share. (prepare a table of the financial data by year or year-to-date.  Include ratios: debt-to-equity, total asset turnover, price-to-earnings, price-to-book value, and any other significant financial data.


2.    Perform trend analyses


3.    Compare company ratios to industry averages


4.    Perform ratio analysis on the company`s solvency, efficiency and profitability (ratios)


5.    Include a summary of findings with a conclusion


Organizational Analysis


Analyze the corporate structure


1.    Analyze the Board of Directors, corporate culture, the key leader and his/her leadership style (CEO), competition and market share.


2.    Analyze the organizational structure to include a stakeholder analysis (stockholders, board of directors, functional staff, strategic business units (SBU?s), employees, customers, suppliers and other influencing groups.


3.    Determine the type of organizational structure.  What is the company`s current industry life cycle stage?


Writing, Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation; Use of APA Citation Methodology


Paper is clear and concise and appropriate grammar is used throughout; APA is followed with proper in-text citing and a reference page included.

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTName:Grade Course:Tutor’s Name: (30 October, 2010) Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u  HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179650" 1.0 Introduction  PAGEREF _Toc276179650 h 3 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179651" 2.0 Mission and Vision Statements Analysis  PAGEREF _Toc276179651 h 4 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179652" 3.0 Situation Analysis  PAGEREF _Toc276179652 h 6 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179653" 3.1 PEST analysis  PAGEREF _Toc276179653 h 7 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179654" 3.2 Porter forces analysis  PAGEREF _Toc276179654 h 7 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179655" 3.2.1 Barriers to entry  PAGEREF _Toc276179655 h 7 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179656" 3.2.2 Suppliers  PAGEREF _Toc276179656 h 8 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179657" 3.2.4 Substitutes  PAGEREF _Toc276179657 h 9 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179658" 3.2.5 Competitive rivalry  PAGEREF _Toc276179658 h 9 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179659" 3.3 External Factor Evaluation  PAGEREF _Toc276179659 h 9 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179660" 3.4 Internal Factor Evaluation  PAGEREF _Toc276179660 h 10 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179661" 3.5 Competitive Profile Matrix  PAGEREF _Toc276179661 h 11 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179662" 4.0 Financial Analysis  PAGEREF _Toc276179662 h 12 HYPERLINK l "_Toc276179663" 5.0 Organizational Analysis  PAGEREF _Toc276179663 h 14 Strategic Management1.0 IntroductionEffective Management must be a key element in any successful company. The systems in the company must work harmoniously to achieve a common purpose and goal with an objective of attaining success and most of all maximizing profits. Without a management and leadership team that guides the company to its set objective the company looses focus on its goals and may even collapse if not rescued early. Managers must lead by example where they must establish a mission and vision for the company and the values that will be followed for the common good of attaining maximum profitability (Nonaka, & Takeuchi, 1995). The Coca Cola Company established in 1886 is one of the most successful soft drink manufacturing companies globally selected for this study. Its success can be seen by the major domination in the soft drink market in almost all regions of the world, where their products have made huge sales while the company continues to increase its networks to all corners of the world (Coca-Cola, 2010). According to the company’s website the company has over 3,300 beverages that range from diet and regular drinks to still drinks; that are; fruit juices, sports and energy drinks, milk-and soy-based drinks fruit drinks, tea and coffee, and water. This paper examines the Coca Cola Company and its management and how it has played its part in its success. It researches and analyzes the mission and vision statement of the company and performs a situational analysis evaluating both the external and internal environment factors of the Coca Cola Company. On th...
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